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From conducting a feasibility study, through to the day-to-day operations of a plant and selling carbon credits, we can do as much or as little as your project needs to ensure success.

Specialists in Pyrolysis

We have a robust approach to projects that ensures all key aspects are considered before proceeding to the next phase. This iterative process means that we and our clients are building a true projection of how a plant will operate and makes sure we only progress projects which will be successful.

Waste Biomass
Green Energy
Carbon removal

Consulting & Advisory

There are many specialist details for successful project implementation, from compliance with carbon methodologies to technology selection.​ Our experts are on hand to advise at all stages of your project.

Feasibility and forecasting ​

We look at your circumstances and site facilities and outline the projected costs and benefits of a range of project options, including detailed operational plans.

Technology and engineering

There are a range of providers and technologies available, each with subtle specialisms. We can help select the best equipment combination for your project, and we’re vendor independent ​so can avoid any manufacturer bias.

Feedstock analysis and sourcing​

Whether you have your own waste biomass, or are looking to source it locally, we can analyse each potential feedstock source, project the impact and secure supply agreements ahead of plant construction.​

Carbon consultancy

We can set up your biochar production facility as a carbon removal facility which can earn you carbon revenue. Our consultancy includes assessment of your project against international carbon project standards, carbon project documentation and marketing of credits.


Onnu can perform carbonisation tests on feedstock to simulate its performance as biochar. We can also find potential applications for the biochar based on its properties, assess it against Environmental Biochar Certification (EBC) standards and, if suitable, register it with the EBC.

Site integration

Our experience with pyrolysis allows us to recommend the optimal equipment and set up for your site, including opportunities for cogeneration of electricity. We will assess your site facilities to offer you recommendations the best pyrolysis set up tailored to your site.

Finance and Modelling

Traditional lenders are sometimes reluctant to fund novel technology such as this, but we have a network with a good understanding of the landscape, benefits and reliability of these projects.​

Private investors​

Onnu has a network of investors looking to make climate-positive impact investments, and we can bring them to the table when needed.​ These investors can get involved at any stage of the project, from project conception to implementation.

Carbon finance​

Carbon finance is designed to help projects that would be unable to get off the ground without extra support from the carbon market. Onnu can help you see whether your project would be eligible for funding, how that could affect your project activities and how much carbon revenue your project could expect to receive.

Grants and subsidies​

Onnu can find and apply for appropriate governmental support for the project either directly, or on your behalf.​ Our familiarity with the grants available allows us to carefully design applications for maximum chance of financing success.

Institutional investment

We have good connections with institutional impact investment organisations which can help get projects off the ground. Onnu can help find the best investment opportunities, and ensure all investment conditions are met.

Financial modelling

We can produce detailed financial plans to assess project viability and increase attractiveness for investment. Onnu can produce an operational plan and offer you advice on how to maximise the revenue and enviromental performance of your project.

Build and Operations

We have a robust approach to all projects to ensure that all details are considered before proceeding to the next phase. This ensures we and our clients focus our energy on the projects which will succeed.​

Construction and maintenance project management​

Most pyrolysis manufacturers install, configure and test their own products, but the site itself, buildings, storage, feedstock preparation equipment and energy integration all needs to be managed as a cohesive construction project.​

Permits and compliance​

We can make sure you remain compliant with all the required permissions and permits in areas such as planning, emissions, health and safety, transport and training.​

Staffing, recruitment and training

Regardless of who will operate the plant, Onnu can ensure that the team are fully trained, certified where needed and backed up to ensure smooth running without interruptions.​

Optimise performance​

We can track feedstock quality, energy outputs, biochar production and effectiveness and continually improve performance to ensure optimal project performance against a number of KPIs.

Feedstock sourcing ​

Onnu can arrange long term feedstock sourcing agreements with local biomass producers, and organise transportation and storage of multiple feedstock streams if necessary.

Health and safety

There are a number of safety regulations that must be adhered to when producing biochar on site. Onnu can produce a detailed health and safety plan to ensure safety protocols are followed.

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Local waste processing of poultry litter, turning ecological threat to climate positive outcomes.


Onsite waste processing of paper sludge, delivering savings, positive environmental impacts and emissions free energy for steam.

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A viable and sustainable alternative to traditional sewage sludge disposal methods, turning problematic waste into valuable resources.