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From conducting a feasibility study, through to the day-to-day operations of a plant and selling carbon credits, we can do as much or as little as your project needs to ensure success.

Before, during and after a successful project there are a range of consulting and services our experts can deliver to ensure that best practice is followed and you have all the expertise required to make a success of every stage of the project.


Option Evaluation

We are well connected with funders looking to support environmentally positive projects, and can evaluate and model funding options on your behalf.

Carbon Financing

The carbon credits plants produce are in high demand, and funding can be accessed by committing the credits in advance to a buyer at an agreed price.

Traditional Financing

Many plant components can be financed like any other equipment, and specialist green funds can be accessed for the pyrolysis equipment itself.


Feasibility and validation​

A light-touch engagement to square off some key requirements, and develop reliable, realistic projections and business case.

Feedstock trials

Real-world pyrolysis of your waste to give accurate outcomes and inform any process changes and plant design.

Technology and engineering

All aspects of feedstock preparation, drying, pyrolysis and energy integration giving an accurate design to take forward.


Planning and compliance

Support and consulting relating to all regulatory authorities and compliance, such as planning applications and permitting.


The delivery, construction, installation and commissioning of your plant, ensuring all aspects are working to specification before handing it over.

Operations and training

Development of a detailed operation model including skills and scheduling, and the certification and training of responsible staff.


Carbon accounting

We can ensure qualification for carbon credits by the implementation of the correct methodology, project registration and sales and marketing of the credits.


We can find potential applications for the biochar based on its properties, if suitable, register it with the EBC. We can also offtake your biochar if you don't want to use or sell it yourself.

Support and maintenance

Remote and onsite support, plus planned maintenance work all delivered by expert engineers experienced in the technology.

Waste Biomass
Green Energy
Carbon removal

Specialists in Pyrolysis

We have a robust approach to projects that ensures all key aspects are considered before proceeding to the next phase. This iterative process means that we and our clients are building a true projection of how a plant will operate and makes sure we only progress projects which will be successful.

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Our Green Energy Hubs produce large amounts of excess heat which can be delivered as a fully sustainable, carbon negative energy source for your business.

Carbon removal.

Carbon removal

Pyrolysis is the only practical and available carbon removal technology available today, and is a critical tool for the world's journey to Net Zero.

Carbon removal


Biochar is a long-term store of carbon, and an effective soil additive improving plant yields and health. We are committed to producing it on a large scale to make a real difference in the fight against climate change.



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Green energy.

Green energy

How does pyrolysis generate green energy?

Green energy