Green energy

Green energy generation is at the centre of what we do and allows us to drive all the other environmental benefits of our approach.

The partnership

We operate our Green Energy Hubs as a complete onsite managed service, which means we:

  • Evaluate feasibility and calculate projections
  • Fund and build the plant - no CAPEX from you
  • Tailor the build to match your energy / process requirements
  • Obtain the necessary planning permissions / permits
  • Operate and maintain the plant 24/7
  • Source local waste biomass as a constant source of fuel
  • Collect and sell the biochar
  • Manage the carbon credit qualification process

Our partners have:

  • A public commitment to achieve Net Zero
  • Consistent heat or cold energy need
  • An accessible location close to rural areas
  • Up to 500m2 of suitable land within 500m of your site
  • An agreement to purchase the energy for 10 years

Impact calculator

What do you currently pay for energy?


£ - per kWh

What are your energy requirements?


- kW


Over 10 years
(accounting for inflation)

Energy Savings

£ -

CO2 captured


tons CO2e

Emissions avoided
(from fossil fuels)


tons CO2e

Biochar manufactured



Waste diverted



Sustainable development goals achieved

Sustainable development goals affordable and clean energy
Sustainable development goals industry, innovation and infrastructure
Sustainable development goals sustainable cities and communities
Sustainable development goals responsible consumption and production
Sustainable development goals climate action

Your route to
net zero

Onnu sustainable development goals

Our Green Energy Hubs are not traditional biomass waste-to-energy, where burned waste releases the CO2 previously captured.

The pyrolysis process is not only emissions-free, but captures and stores carbon, making it one of the leading technologies in fighting climate change.

By getting your energy from Onnu, you are:

  • Utilising 100% renewable energy
  • Driving a local circular economy
  • Enabling carbon removal technology
  • All of this counts towards 6 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and your carbon footprint calculations taking you to Net Zero and beyond.
Onnu sustainable development goals list

What happens onsite

Onnu small plant

Trucks deliver waste biomass

Up to 5 days worth is stored onsite

Plant processes up to 500kg/h

Up to 2MW heat or cold energy generated

Biochar collected in bags and removed for sale

What happens next?
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

Start the transition to carbon negative energy with zero commitment. We follow a robust process to ensure that we do not proceed unless we can prove that your decarbonisation project will be a success.



We will analyse your energy requirements, site location and all the necessary criteria and provide a free feasibility report.


Business case and project plan

We'll look at the planning, engineering, costs, your ESG gains and create an implementation plan.


Managed service

We’ll draw up an agreement, and the implementation begins.

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We build our plants with the most advanced technology from the worlds leading manufacturers, ensuring reliability and optimal performance.

More technology

Carbon removal

Pyrolysis is the only practical and available carbon removal technology available today, and is a critical tool for the world's journey to Net Zero.

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Biochar is a long-term store of carbon, and an effective soil additive improving plant yields and health. We are committed to producing it on a large scale to make a real difference in the fight against climate change.

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