Removing Carbon Repurposing waste

Our Green Hubs transform waste biomass into valuable biochar which acts as a carbon sink - eliminating environmental harm and generating green energy.

Pyrolysis plant diagram.
Reduction in offsite waste disposal
up to 2,000 tCO2e
Avoided or removed per plant per annum
Destruction of contaminants
Up to 1,000t
Biochar per unit, per annum
Renewable energy

Turn problem waste into a
weapon to fight climate change

Pyrolysis takes waste biomass and produces biochar and green energy, all the while removing carbon from the atmosphere.

It transforms waste from a cost to a profit, and from a problem to an environmental solution.

The biochar produced is an excellent soil enhancer and promotes regenerative agriculture. Excess heat energy produced from the process is 100% renewable and can reduce your energy costs. The carbon removal credits can generate income or offset your own emissions.

It's a win-win for your business and the planet.

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Pyrolysis of biomass delivers

Increased value
Energy generation
High value biochar
and pathogen
Elimination of disposal costs
Carbon removal
Clear sky.
Waste Biomass
Green Energy
Carbon removal

What we do

At Onnu, our mission is to build a thriving biomass pyrolysis industry through our own projects, and by enabling others who will benefit financially and environmentally from deploying the technology.

Project Development

We provide technology and expertise to ensure projects are successful

Business modelling and financing

We develop detailed and bespoke business cases, and advise on funding opportunities

Process engineering and optimisation consulting

We can analyse your current process and advise on environmental and commercial impacts

Carbon accounting and impact services

We can conduct life cycle analyses (LCAs) and manage all aspects of Carbon Credit qualification and sales

Business model

A pyrolysis plant can be both hugely environmentally positive, and profitable.


Green waste
Poultry Litter
Agriculture residue

Waste Biomass

Feedstock can come from any organic source, including green waste, poultry litter, sewage or agricultural residues.

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Our Plant

Feedstock is thermally decomposed into biochar and syngas, which is combusted for energy to maintain the process and power any required drying process.

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Heat & Electricity

Excess energy can be available, delivered as hot air, water or steam, and co-generation of electricity.

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Biochar is most often used as a soil additive. This can be sold on the open market, or used locally.

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Carbon Credits

Carbon Removal Credits can be sold for income, or retired to reduce your own emissions.

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Pyrolysis operations

How does biomass pyrolysis remove atmospheric carbon?

All biomass contains carbon, and that carbon was at one time removed from the atmosphere by plant life.

This is the valuable resource which is returned to the atmosphere if burned, spread on land or left to decay, but is securely locked away for centuries if turned into biochar.

At Onnu we specialise in high-moisture feedstocks which are harder to handle, costlier to dispose of, and in the worst cases, causing ecological damage.

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What about your waste biomass?

Our experts can discuss its suitability, preparation and any modifications needed to make the most of it.

Will it work for you?

To start your pyrolysis evaluation, we can look at:
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    Feedstock analysis

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    Pyrolysis projections

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    Site evaluation

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    High level business plan

Let’s get started
Pyrolysis evaluation infographic.

Sustainable development goals

Pyrolysis operations contribute to 8 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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