Onnu Biochar open for business!

Onnu Biochar open for business!

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Michael Douglas

After 2 years of hard work we are thrilled to be going live with our biochar marketplace. As well as selling pure biochar, we have developed specialist compost and fertiliser biochar mixes for lawns, horticulture and tree planting.

Biochar is available today sourced from Carbon Hill, but with 4 major pyrolysis plants coming online in the next 18 months we will soon be manufacturing many thousands of tons a year and having a significant impact on the UK supply.

That is why we are engaging the commercial sector - soil and compost wholesalers, and agricultural and landscaping end users - who stand to gain from biochar, but who require a large, reliable and consistent supply in order to incorporate it into their business.

We believe the time for biochar to go mainstream has finally arrived and are excited to playing a part in it!

Visit Onnu Biochar at https://onnubiochar.com

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