The Onnu

Integrated drying and pyrolysis plants optimised for impact


Reduction in waste disposal

4,000 tCO2e

Avoided or removed per unit per annum


Destruction of contaminants

Up to 1,000t

Biochar per unit, per annum




Renewable energy

Turning offsite waste disposal to onsite value

Waste biomass going to landfill, land spreading or anaerobic digestion is costly and unsustainable. Onnu’s solution allows you to take ownership of your waste disposal, reduce your emissions, and drive the circular economy.

A modular solution


Different modules can be added and taken away as needed, highly flexible to suit feedstock needs


Each unit uses IOT and automation to ensure maximum performance with minimal supervision


The process produces bioenergy for drying or onsite energy needs


Onsite solution means that you take control over your waste management process

High tech
emissions control

Every pyroylser comes with engineered emission control - full visibility of environmental impact

Reduction of contaminants

Different modules can be added and taken away as needed, highly flexible to suit feedstock needs


Pyrolysis is a recognised carbon removal technique, meaning it is a net negative process

Small footprint


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Before and after

Waste Biomass
Green Energy
Carbon removal

Simple maths

What is Biochar?

Volatile solids are gasified, and the biomass is transformed into a carbon rich product.

The resulting biochar has up to 90% fixed carbon which makes it a valuable carbon sink.

Biochar's many properties make it an excellent soil additive, but it can also be used for a variety of other applications

Biochar is a recalcitrant which means it can endure in soils for hundreds of years

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Key industries


Local waste processing of poultry litter, turning ecological threat to climate positive outcomes.


Onsite waste processing of paper sludge, delivering savings, positive environmental impacts and emissions free energy for steam.

Onnu Waste Water


A viable and sustainable alternative to traditional sewage sludge disposal methods, turning problematic waste into valuable resources.