Paper Mills

Onsite waste processing of paper sludge, delivering savings, positive environmental impacts and emissions free energy for steam.

Waste opportunities

Reject streams from paper mills typically find their way to landfill, land spreading or incineration. All are expensive and subject to ever-tightening regulations, meaning costs are set to rise. And whether through decay or incineration, these processes mean that the carbon contained in the waste will return to the atmosphere.

Green energy

The process is self-sustaining requiring no external energy inputs, but also generates emissions-free excess energy from the paper sludge. This can be used onsite to generate steam.

Carbon removal

Fibre is high in carbon, meaning that the CO2 originally absorbed by the source plant matter can be captured and stored for centuries. This helps your business and the planet towards net zero, and qualifies for carbon credits to help fund the project.


Biochar is a valuable output of the pyrolysis process, which can be sold as a soil additive to support sustainable agriculture.

Cost savings

Offsite disposal, storage and transport are all costly to the bottom line and the environment. Pyrolysis onsite will save money, improve environmental outcomes and generate zero to landfill.

Let's talk paper

Business model

Waste Biomass
Green Energy
Carbon removal

Specialist technology

For waste with high moisture content, we deploy specialist patented technology which combines the drying process with the pyrolysis itself, making it fully self-sustaining. Running 24/7, it can eliminate your need for storage and transportation while delivering high-quality biochar and valuable green energy onsite.

Working together

Onnu can build, own and operate a pyrolysis plant at your site, taking care of CAPEX and all aspects of the operations.

We charge a gate fee per ton of your waste, which in most cases is less than current disposal costs.

Any emissions-free energy provided is charged at a competitive rate.

Profits from the sale of biochar produced from your waste would be shared with you.

Will it work for you?

Our Feasibility Report will:

Quantify the carbon impact of your
current practices, and compare
with a pyrolysis solution

Analyse your waste streams and
scope solution options

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